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de_something [wip]


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This is a map i have been working on for a few weeks. I have the layout pretty much solid and need to flesh out the details now. here are some pics of the main areas. I have heard suggestions like i need to break up the skyline. Maybe some ideas on what to do there.

even more pictures in http://www.sonicdm.cs-irc.com/mapping/de_something/?M=D



















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The outside areas remind me of Doom/Duke3d, the way all the walls have the same height.

Also, I'm a bit confused as to what the setting of the map is. Forklifts, a very fancy bridge, a river, several very different types of corridors etc. There's no continuity, and even though you use a large variety of textures, none of the areas seem unique or stick out, it's more or less plain corridors with different textures (but, you said you hadn't started detailing yet)

Oh yeah, and in this scene :

http://www.sonicdm.cs-irc.com/mapping/d ... b60015.jpg

Try to make some doors that fit with the "theme", which in this case would be...industrial, I guess. Square boring garagedoors will seem more in place there.

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Ok my suggestion. Completely rip the map apart aetheticaly. Remove all brushwork detail from the building walls. Apply the SAME generic texture for the whole building complex. Work from there. Do a two level building. For instance bottom level use brick, 2nd level use metal sheeting. Than start building up your aethetics from there. At the moment you're on the right track to getting a cohesive theme, but applying everything with the same textur and working fom there might help you make it look more natural. Keep going mate.

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