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Myspace suicide (serious, non-eot discussion)


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Ok, I'm guessing you've all seen this before, but if you haven't, some emo kid killed himself and posted his suicide note over myspace. All of his "friends" are saying how he's "beautiful" and how they miss him and stuff like that. Some even called him a hero.

Personally, I think this is fucking gay. First off, the kid is being made fun of all over the internet, and his friends are saying "I'll make them shut up" and crap like that. OK buddy, if you didn't want to get made fun of after you died, maybe you shouldn't have posted your suicide note over the internet? Secondly, he killed himself over a girl. A girl is definitely not a valid reason to die. Third-ly, his friends are calling him a hero. Personally, I look up to my heroes and want to be like them, or as awesome as them. Why would someone who committed suicide be your hero? Do you want to be like him? Lastly, the kid is fucking up other peoples lives (family, his friends, the girl) just because he can't deal with himself. Well, the whole world isn't just about you, it's about other people too.

Anyways, this is ridiculous. Now, he's dead, and instead of making people sad, he had about five thousand people laugh at him.


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people are always nice to dead people, i wonder how many of those girls posting on his myspace even looked at him when he was alive, also he's ugly, no one really misses him, also why do you care so much about some ugly kid killing himself, there are hundreds of suicides a year, but this guy put it on myspace, and got in the news, so good for him, he got his 5 minutes, too bad he couldnt enjoy it

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