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i'm actually looking for a tutorial for configuring max to export to .smd models (preferably one easy to follow). alternatively if someone has theirs set up, maybe they can guide me?

Just download the wunderboy SMD export/import files from http://www.wunderboy.org/

Set up your file (make model/texture/collision model).

Select the main model, export selected, select "Source SMD (*.smd) save as modelname.smd and select "export reference SMD"

Then again, export selected (same model), save as modelname_idle.smd and select "export sequence SMD"

Then hide your selected model, leaving you with the collision model, control+A, export selected as modelname_phys and select "export reference SMD"

That should be enough to make the .qc file and compile the prop for ingame usage.

About how to set up a model / file for export that needs a bit more explaining, but just make sure it's pivot is at 0 0 0, reset X-forms, use multi-sub materials and make sure the path of the .max file and the .tga file are correctly set up to use the same structure as your mod.

Hope that helps you a bit further.

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you don't need the _idle one afaik. just tell the qc to reference the standard model again and you're good to go.

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hi guys

long time browser, first time poster.

thought i'd just post this; level design tutorial/articles list

I've compiled a list of some bookmarks I've gathered up for a while. I hope it proves useful to people.

Some of the links are from this page. I've credited those I took from, and please tell me if you want your name on/off.

Great link, TY

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Guys, I'm looking for some UDK tutorials, best you know. Anyone?

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    • Post in [decompiled] dz_blacksite
      Alright, I did some testing with the new detail sprites and found out how more specifically how they work. @Mamorex was on the right track but there's a few key things you left out. 

      Removing $alphatest from the material or adding $translucent

      First, the detail sprites material - it's 2 detail sprite sheets side by side, so version A and version B. The different versions have to have same sprite positions and sizes. You only specify version A coordinates in the .vbsp.

      Next up, the detail sprites masks. Red and blue are for wind offset -- so you can have different parts of the sprites sway in the wind differently, you can see Valve isolated some blades of grass for this effect. The green channel is a tint mask and controls how much the sprites are affected by the $worldspacetint. 

      That brings us to the world space textures. They seem to automatically get resized to fit the whole map area, so it you resize the map you'd have to resize the textures too.

      The world space tint texture is pretty self explanatory, controls what color to tint the grass, 127 grey means no tint. 

      The world space masks texture uses the red channel to select which version of the sprites to use -- 0 is version A and anything more is version B. 

      The green channel of the texture controls the sprite size -- 127 is default, with darker making the sprites smaller and brighter making the sprites larger. The vmt command $minimumspritesize controls the cutoff point for the sprites, so the sprites smaller than the specified value don't get rendered which can act as a placement mask. 

      I don't know what the blue channel of this texture does, changing it had no effect on the sprites for me. 


      All this means sprites still get placed by vbsp on map compile, so they still use displacement alpha for the placement, but the new masks can manipulate sprites size and color after map compile.


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