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17 hours ago, Vaya said:

use the older vrad. someone left the details on r/csmapmakers

I guess you mean this:


Maybe using the old vrad helps with the new problem but brings back the lighting issue we had before (static props were too bright when affected by light/light_spot; see here: https://imgur.com/a/xpi7j ).

I'm currently trying to find out what's causing the issue... It seems to be a little inconsistent. 😕 Mostly props that are touching (or are surrounded by) brushes like windows/corner bricks, but not all of them somehow...

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I have a problem taking proper pictures for my multilayered radar overview. Everything works fine until i want to descent on the Z axis. I have this message in the console:

] noclip
noclip ON
] setpos 627.154724 1376.065552 -590;setang 76.789993 91.024879 0.000000
setpos into world, use noclip to unstick yourself!

i mean wtf !? noclip is already ON 

( using r_skybox 0 or 1 makes no difference only in the color background)

the resulting screenshot is unusuable


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