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Mapcore official 'members'?


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So, I'm wondering about starting official 'members' of mapcore.

I'm guessing maybe these members can be voted on by an initial member count, they be put in. That way we can say we are a 'mapcore' member or whatever. This way we could possibly build up prestige for the community with our talented professionals/amateurs/indie developers.

I'm not saying I should, because I haven't been here long enough for that kind of thing but I believe we should have that sort of thing started perhaps.

we are growing in numbers here, so to speak.

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hehe, nothing about ego's...

just to say you know, we are mapcore 'members', so we stick together in the community of each other etc. on our web-sites, and if we got good enough even post it on our resumes etc.

i'm not trying to make an elite group here, just saying the kind of Mapcore Communityisk thing.

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Everybody who signs up here is a "Mapcore member", this is a community. I'm against having 'elite' user ranks seperating the newcomers from our regulars... It's good the way it currently is... Post Mapcore on a resume??? I think before anybody tries that this place needs to become a whole lot more mature...

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