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Source Engine Upgrade on its way.


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Demonstrated here on Day of Defeat.

Now I don't know about you, but after HDR, I didn't expect the next 'big things' in engine capability - namely Depth of Field and Motion Blur - to enter the mainstream so soon. Valve have been beavering away in the background it seems, a logical solution to the 'broken promises' that frequently plague them.

Obviously this could all be construed as a bit much when you need the speed and untarnished vision to do well on the multiplayer battlefield, but for the casual gamer, for machinima, and for future single-player work (Aftermath, for instance, and hopefully for our mods too) this is manna from heaven.

I just hope performance-wise having at least a few of these activated will be viable.

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The Film Grain sucks, everything else is rad.

I'm interested in knowing how the depth of field is controlled, I can see it being annoying. I like looking at my gun and seeing it in all its glory, not blurred. the game doesn't know what part of the screen we are looking at. :mad:

Also, in the article it says the film grain effect makes it more realistic because that's how film from that era would look. I think it's more immersive for it to look really pretty, real life didn't have film grain back then, so your view point of an axis/allies soldier shouldn't either.

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