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I got 5.1 surround now

Taylor Swift

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Yesterday I bought a speaker packet with 5 sattelite speakers and including 1 big bass subwoofer. It's 2 front and 2 back speakers + one center.

I have 5.1 surround sound now and it sounds cool. The speakers wasnt expensive only 40 $.. Well the bass system rocks.


How many of you have this sort of those speakers home?

Actually this rocks for playing games, watching tv and dvd..


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I don't think that the size of the air intake hole matters that much.

The material out of which it is made matters way more. I got custom built full wood speakers on my stereos, made by my friend who is a custom speaker builder and sound engineer. And on my computer I got speakers from the best studio speaker manufacturer in the world, Genelec, 2 8020 series monitors and a 7050 subwoofer, I got those from a studio that was moving and they sold them cheap, the studio room was around the same size as my room so they sound just perfect, tho I don't have engineered acoustics in my room.

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What I heard from that sound engineer friend is that all surround sound systems sold to home users are mainly faking the surround sound.

The actual Pro Logic systems that you have in your movie theater cost in the ten thousand+ range and usually are pretty massive systems.

Besides, it's rather weak to use actual analog Pro Logic system on a computer where you play games, since all the sound source is emulated and digitally distributed by the soundcard, which actually is "faking it."

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And there is no way it could be because the analog system has better quality speakers?

I didn't say that analog and digital isn't surround or that they are bad in quality, I just said that if you appreciate the true surround experience that you get in a movie theater, then there are very few options.

But the fact is that all sounds presented in games are placed in right channel by the soundcard, what in theory is emulated and not actually recorded for that channel.

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