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Some advice from the Goth


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my friend once slammed a door shut while we were joking around and my hand was still moving so one of my fingers got stuck behind the door (on the side were the hinges are) and the door was CLOSED and he LOCKED IT. I don't know why my finger didn't fall off or break.... I started screaming and hammering against the door but he thought i was just joking and didn't open....... it took him about 40 seconds to realize I WASN'T joking......40 very painful seconds..... ouch. I feel your pain, brotha.

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Well thats not the first time I see someone with that fingers and yeh, I trapped my fingers into a door too, so what it hurts like damn and you cant do much but survive the pain. You just get papa smurf fingers for a while.

Heh well thats not that scary, Once i got hot boiling water from a fryingpan with potatoes on my knees just below the penis, and we had to drive me to the hospital E.R.

If the water touched the penis i would never be a man.

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