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JFK Conspiracy is there actually any question about it?


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I think it is THE proof that US Goverment is a totalitarian and manipulative goverment, much like China and the formet Soviet Union. But at this day and age, it makes them much more dangerous.

I have watched everything I can about John F. Kennedy, I liked him, and if he was still alive I think he would have done great things in his life. He was the last real democrat to be elected as president, we can only hope that such a man will be elected again someday, to bring a stop to this joke that USA is today.

I think that around 90% of the people living in USA have seen some sort of document considering Kennedy assassination conspiracy, but how many of us living around the world have seen anything about it? Very few I guess, and the documentaries have been rather vague at best, especially with manipulative assholes like Peter Jennings as their hosts.

Well, you might be interested in another view to the subject.

You may watch it here, thanks to Google Videos

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I believe that European Union is much more of an economical power with further reaching influence than USA today. And to be honest, I COULD talk about Olof Palme, but you don't know who he was, but everybody in the world knows who JFK was.

So, ok, what is your opinion about Olof Palme assassination?

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I've heard alot about the JFK assasination. I've heard too many stories and have seen too many documentaries, and its led me to the fact that nobody will ever know. The 3 gunmen theory, the head of the CIA, the mafia, Lee Harvey Oswald, and i don't care which one is true. I have a 12" of most of his speeches, and he seemed pretty smart, but i wasn't alive in the early 60's, so I don't know. All I've learned about him has been in text books and on tv, and I dont really follow those things.

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nothing wrong with this thread... maybe conserative americans simply shouldn't take part in serious discussions if they can't 'seriously discuss'.

hammer, nail head.

Now, on topic.

Personally, I think LBJ had him killed. Turns out that LBJ wasn't a bad president though, so I've got mixed feelings on the subject.

Also, for the record, Kennedy wasn't that great a president. As far as the last great democrat, I'm gonna say FDR. We need another man like him in our white house.

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Look, I love living in America, and personally, I hope to help change it for the better in the long run. It's going to be a long, slow effort, but I will.

Anyway...one thing you need to understand, this country was founded for the sole purpose of freedom: economic/religious/personal freedom.

But what was the intended meaning of freedom? It was the freedom for people to pursue economic gain by any means they see fit. But of course this was based on the many many decades of precedent of how people made money and expressed their economic freedom at the time (1776). What was that precedent?


So America, the new land of the free in the year 1776, was actually the land of slavery. Thinking from there, is it any wonder America is the way that it is? Today we're sort of victims of our past. So if there really is a consipracy about JFK's assassination, I wouldn't be suprised. Why?

Because this is a country that was founded on freedom, yet practiced slavery. It is a country that would do anything to protect its interests. Anything. Enslave people from another continent...wipeout the indigenious population...assassinate its own president if needed.

Yet at the same time, it is a country trying to improve itself. Despite all the crap we hate about America, there are great Americans trying to clean up the bullshit and stop the fraud, the corporate mal-practice, the scandals...there are good people who believe that the right kind of capitalism can save us all.

I am one of them.

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