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I'm waiting for the Google OS. Or for Apple to port OS XI.

Why is that everything I use from Google or Apple I love?

Sure, I run XP/Win2000 on my desktop/laptop, but i LOOOVEEE my iPod and my gf has this kick ass iMac running OSX (or XI or whatever) and it pwns me.

Like with Google, every product I use I love: gmail, maps.google.com...

when is Google's instant messenger service come out? or has it already?

Google Uber Alles!

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I'm waiting for MS to do Mac OS X and make something really radical and really new. All the versions after 95 have been updated products, and when taken by steps any one package is hardly worth the money they are asking for it.

In my mind 98 was the windows 95 was supposed to be, and the next good version was XP and the next version should be as big jump as XP was from 3.11 era. But what can you do, you have to take the product MS gives you and shove it in to your ass.

Where are my free choices? I want the Browser of my choice, my window and desktop manager of choice, the media player of choice, better support with other platforms, the ebility to run program only modes so everything else on the background doesn't hog the system resources. When can I control the OS the way I want?

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Supposed Vista is supposed to be radically different (although beta screenshots haven't shown me anything staggeringly new). After reading a bunch of stuff regarding the 360 launch and Xbox Live, some of those ideas are supposed to be central to the new OS. Insteading of browing things with folders and such, you browse by groups and themes (Entertainment leads you to your movies and music and games, Work leades you to your applications, etc).

Of course, the system specs are also rediculous. Ms seems to be taking the position that if you want it, you need new stuff, which will then lead to more innovation in the hardware market. Google meanwhile seems to be taking the stance that what they release should work on as many things as possible, which is why the idea of them making an OS isn't far fetched. Something that strikes a happy medium between Windows/OSX/Linux and can be run on different scales. So your massive gaming rig can run it with cool bells and whistles, and libraries and third world countries can run it on older cheap systems.

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