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Next-next-gen format


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If that 50gig Blu-Ray sounded large, think about 300gig disc.

Maxell says that they have what they need to ship first holographic storage systems in late 2006.

The disc Maxell is offering is developed by InPhase Technologies and it's 300gb storage and 20MB/s trasfer rate is just a pahse one of the format. InPhase claimed that the format can go up to 1.6TB storage and whopping 120MB/s transfer rates. To put that in scale, current gen DVD-9 goes for theoretical 8.5gig and 21 MB/s transfer rate.

Again, like in the next-gen format war, there will be two manufacturers in here too, other side being HVD alliance with their HVD disc developed by Optware holding 200gig capacity and theoretical of 1TB and 1gig of transfer rate per second.

Both of these discs are based on holographic technology.

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Holographic technology uses two lasers instead of one, one red and one blue-green to read and write data. The red one conventionally tracks the location and blue-green is used to access the data in the disc surface.

If you need more comlicated explanation you have to check out some internet articles on this, which you might find from sparknote forums.

TB is short for Terabyte or 1,000 gigabytes.

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That is very cool. Not exactly a surprise that this kind of technological breakthrough is in the wings.

But adoption of course will require a market breakthrough like with any other new technology around cost of hardware, cost of media (the disks themselves) etc...

I could go on and on right now, but I have to grab some lunch first...

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1. why would you need 1.6 tb's

2. whats it going to cost

1. I have worked in a small firm that made tv commercials and done small amount of editing, and I can say that you know those LaCie Biggest discs that hold 2TB? Well, you can wipe your ass with them.

We had a file server with several Terabytes of capacity for all the original video material and the finished products. And a huge library full of DVDs and tapes as a backup.

So that 1.6TB would come in handy as a storage.

2. They ARE working on it as a viable future media to replace current media formats, so I guess they are going to be as cheap as current DVDs. You know, when you manufacture few hundred billion of something, the production costs are close to nil.

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