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i dont get why there are hedgehogs everywhere. they arem mainly used to stop tanks, why do you have them on the tops of cliffs?

Beach = massive attack, any thing is good to block the way.

my point is that it looks like he just flew up high and clicked blindly, at least get some pattern to them to make them effective

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like klein said make the mud at the bottom of the trenches. these were recently dug trenches that people trasverse in. Maybe find a decal that looks like foot prints to put where the buildings meet the trenchs? might help add atmosphere

I was going to say remove the sand bags frominside the concrete walls but it looks like you already did that.I'd keep the concrete walls instead of wood myself, because they were not exaclty RUSHED fortifications. They were actualy fortified. But keep the sand bags for outside to merge concerete>sand bags>grass>open space. Like a stepping stone of fortifications so it looks better.

Remove the tank hedgehogs, no matter the purpose they look stupid. Find something that looks like it holds barb wire inplace, but those hedgehogs are well known to be tank stopping devices that stop tanks, not infantry. They look remarkably stupid at the top of the cliff like the designer did not know their purpose. It would make me stop and say "wait why are those there, to stop tanks from going OVER the cliff onto the beach???"

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Im just replacing all the props, and making new trenches, and making a "serious defense" not placeing props like a blind ^^.

This is the "main" entrace to Axis defense, behind bunkers fire.


I want that the Germans feel caught as a rate and narrow And allies feel the chaos of a disembark and the confusion of not knowing very well what to do.

Crits welcome.

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The narrow feeling of the trench is certainly there. Very nice job!

However the displacements looks a bit uneven and sharp, Smoothing would be nice, but thats up to you.

It says U.S army on the box, is this because of US airplanes dropping them or is it going to be replaced?

The grass looks very cool, however a bit too green to fit in the mud. Perhaps a bit more brown/yellowish colour?

Is that german a Prop or something?

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The german is not a prop, is a dead player, yeah in the crates u can read U.S. army ( because i forgot to change the skin ^^ ) skin Prop is set to 0 ( 0 = allyed skin ) only have to set skin to 1 ( 1 = axis skin ) :P.

I'll try to reskin the gras ( is a prop :banjo: ).

Atm i'm having very problems to Make the main ground :S , cant use "sew" in many parts of it. adn im working in a 88' bunker...

thx all for crits :-D

PD: I think im leaving this project and starting a new one with my bro for Quake IV.

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