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[WIP] dod_omaha


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that's a really nice props placement .

I don't like the lighting.

Great consctructive criticisme guys, its really great of you to take your time to review the map properly!

That aside, From the first screenshot, the first thing that caught my eye was that the bunker was really square ;P pff but hey, its a bunker right.. The texture on it is also repeating..

The second screenshot looks good, the ground could use a last touch, but to me it looks okay..

The third screenshot, well its the same here, the ground could use some more attention, there are a few pointy patches.. other than that you might want to check if there really should be this many sandbagprops out.. Its all fine and good that the germans where really heavily fortified on that beach, but i dont think they had those oddly halfcircled sandbag things placed all over ;)

The fourth picture is just a bunch of props tossed together, make that more interesting architecturewise^^

Fifth picture looks okay, not sure why the germans would stack some sandbags up against those walls, but oh well im not a soldier ;)

The last picture also looks cluttered with props (the near camera).

Overall this is a good start, keep those pictures coming, and dont pay attention to the grumpy old bastards there ;D

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