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Should engy stop spamming goatse.cx?  

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  1. 1. Should engy stop spamming goatse.cx?

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The domain name of this shock site is a wordplay on the phrase "goat sex". Its front page contains an explicit picture (with filename hello.jpg) of a man opening his anus and rectum to approximately three times the normal size of such an orifice. The identity of the man is largely unknown, though according to some sources he is an Italian man who has been practicing anal expansion for years, as a hobby. Still others have claimed that he is actually a hermaphrodite, and he is actually pulling open his vagina, though this theory has generally not been accepted, and the developer of this theory has admitted he has been given proof that the theory is false. While his real name is unknown, he has been nicknamed "Bob Goatse" and "The Goatse Man". Another name attributed to the Receiver is "Yam Sthruss," originating from an email in the Feedback section from a person with this name claiming that hello.jpg is of him and asking for its removal. The site has been online since March 1999.

The website has two mirrors with the exact same contents, goat.cx and hick.org/goat/.

Goatse.cx has four sections, three of which have images of questionable taste:

The "Receiver" section, showing the picture (hello.jpg) described above of the man stretching his anus. It also has links to dolphinsex.org and urinalpoop.org.

The "Giver" section, showing a picture (giver.jpg) of a man on a boat, which has been artificially altered (probably with Photoshop) to appear that he has an oversized penis.

The "Feedback" section, where e-mails are exhibited.

The "Contrib" section showcasing visitor contributions to the site. Contrib has additional variations of hello.jpg and giver.jpg, as well as other images and files. The title of this page is "Contributed Work". Warning: The page begins with an ASCII version of hello.jpg.

bush.jpg is a picture of United States President George Walker Bush in his office with hello.jpg displayed on a laptop computer on his desk.

goatse-wwii.jpg is a picture of a large snowball, with "goatse.cx" written on the side, chasing Adolf Hitler and other members of the Third Reich.

giver2.jpg is a picture of the Goatse giver holding his oversized penis.

magiceye.jpg is a Magic Eye picture. After about 16 seconds, the image changes to that of a 256 color version of hello.jpg.

warning.jpg is a warning sign picture telling people not to go to goatse.cx

goatsex.swf is a Flash Movie, set to the hook from "MMMBop" by Hanson.

Goatman.mp3 is an mp3 Music file. It takes up 518 KB.

Foxy_goatse.mp3 is another mp3 music file, based off of Foxy Lady. Foxy Lady is a Jimi Hendrix song. It takes up 1061 KB.

goatsecx-winamp.zip is a ZIP file containing a Winamp skin. It takes up 313 KB.

People sometimes link to goatse.cx images not shown on the actual webpages, such as loopback.jpg, a picture of a man looping his penis into his anus.

The image hello.jpg originates from a set of 40 images depicting the man performing various anal sexual acts. In those images, the man used a peg to stretch his anus. The images were located by the Stile Project and are also available from the "Contrib" section of the goatse.cx website under the filename gap.zip. hello.jpg is actually gap3.jpg.

Goatse.cx has an IRC server located at irc.goatse.cx, which shows the ASCII hello.jpg in the MOTD. The server is part of the IRC network Evolnet.

Geographic location

The site uses the .cx country code top-level domain of Christmas Island, where registration is cheap and the the operators will not disclose registrant's personal information. The actual server of Goatse.cx is not located on Christmas Island, but in the United States and is owned by Hick.org, which is a website about computer programming. The Hick.org domain was registered by Matt Miller in Overland Park, Kansas. Both Goatse.cx and Hick.org originate from the same IP address; the server is located in the Kansas City, Missouri metro-region. Goat.cx, a mirror of Goatse.cx, is located in the Houston, Texas metro-region.

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all mods should feel free to delete posts in your own forum, or if in someone else just send me a pm and i'll prune.

engi stop posting it. it's seriously getting lame man. you've been using that schtick for like 2 years... the internet moved on.

thats the nice warning.

oh and toss the sig too. two complaints. sry.

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