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DESIGNER (Senior) for Next Gen Console

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Pacific Northwest game development studio is searching for the best and brightest game developers to share there vision of creating a new world of entertainment through the power of technology, imagination and innovation. Creating quality games requires top production values in all aspects of a game, from design, technology and art to professional music, voice acting, and high performance multi-player action.. This developer is dedicated to equipping its team with the best options possible, by providing excellent salaries, bonuses, full benefits and relocation assistance if necessary.

Genres: Unannounced Action Adventure Title

Platform: Next Generation Console



• Experience with Multiplayer design experience is preferred

• Ability to coordinate and schedule the design process for a project

• Ability to game-play with engineers & design team all the way to the games beta deadline

• Ability to present creative ideas to the team and be receptive to other ideas presented

• Manage and coordinate and the design process on a project basis with other senior designers

• Ability to conduct meeting with other department leads to determine goals and deadlines

• Demonstrate the ability express the broad vision of the game between all departments

• Experience with scheduling project deadlines with project manager and present status updates to the Design Directors

• Ability to script and set up game-play

• A3-D tools/application experience

• Experience with the following: Microsoft Office, MS Project, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

If you are interested in this position, please submit your resume in Word format to:

Candace Walker


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