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doesnt it suck when...


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Same thing happened to me with some antique chairs - had a party and two famly heirloom chairs got stolen by some randoms. We found the remains of one of them in the local park, the other was never found :( Police thought they knew who did it, as did my friends and I, but there was no proof and nothing done. Sad days.

Sorry to hear about your loss dude :(

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Well, stolen car sucks ass so very much.

Once I left my bike near a liqour store over a night - bad move I know - and when I came back the tires were slashed, I was like "oh man" but I was too tired to carry it back home so I left it there, I mean what could possibly happen to a bike with slashed tires, well, few days later when I got my brothers car to pick it up, I went to the place where I left it and IT WAS FUCKING STOLEN! Abike with slashed tires and it wasn't not much to look at, an old fucker tiead to the bike rack with heavy chain and someone went through the trouble to fucking steal it, I mean what the fuck!

Few weeks later I moved out of the neighbourhood to here where it's much safer and things don't get stolen even if you left them unlocked.

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they found my car!! i guess he drove right by a cop and turned into a grass parking lot to a church, the cop pulled up, and the guy started running, they got him though, they got my car. the stearing column is completely busted and the battery probably died, my glove box lock is completely f*ked. almost everything was there, i noticed all my camel cash was missing and my glass bowl, but those are a small price ... it will set me back though to get this repaired. hopfully this jerkoff gets some time though.

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