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[WIP] Abandoned ---> PICS INSIDE!!!!


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Hey guys :-D

For a while I've been working on map I started to show my mappingskills. I also started this map because I hadn't really been mapping for source and I wanted to fammiliarize myself with hammer 4.0.

At this point, I can't say what this map will be for, so I'll only use a name, without the game/modtag.

Here are the screenshots. I hope you enjoy them.

Critics are welcome, but bear in mind that this is a WIP. It's not even done 60%.















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Lacking something:

Like a 3dskybox (wich will be added later btw)? Or more details on the buildings?

The fog:

What colour should it be? Now it's set to grey.

I tend to set it to be the ~rough colour of the horizon of the skybox. Also, you can set the fog variables in the skybox, too. I think that just affects 3d geometry in the skybox, though.

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