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Work photos. yay!


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So at work today I had to shoot some pictures of re-arranged letters on a keyboard (different headers for a webpage we're building for a client), so my boss let me borrow his camera. I think it was a Canon EOS Rebel M.

My favorite one: plastic wrapping around a copier


Condensation on the inside of the water cooler:


One of the fake plants in my office:


One of the businesses in our building is an arcade game manufacturer, heres some of the machines in progress in "the boneyard"


This depth of field was an accident, but the result is kinda funny:


Exposed wires in "the boneyard":


I wrote this on the dry erase board in my office about a month ago and its still there...


Some of the keyboard shoot:





and some kind of light grate that was against the wall:


yeah, alot of pics, but i really liked that camera.

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