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www.AlexRoyce.com up and running


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Finally got myself a website for all my Source releases, so im hoping to popularize it and get the word out. All of my best maps are up there, so its worth a look if you havent heard of me yet as im sure youll be interested in some of them. Theres also a Misc section in which theres a ton of videos I created for games (including HL2), along with older maps I created.

CS_Cabaret should be coming along any time now, aswell 8)


Still some bugs and changes to work out, but theyll be done soon.

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Strikes me as quite odd to have links to each map in a bar along the top - what happens if you want to add another map at a later date? Doesn't seem to be very extendable, unless you add another row or something which would just end up looking silly. Not a big fan of the soft bevel effect on the screenshots either. Otherwise it seems quite functional.

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Heh thanks.

Some news:

So the site got updated, and theres some big improvements. Most notibly, the speed of the site has drastically increased as filesizes have been cut down quite alot. Theres a new screenshot of Cabaret up, so you can check that out if youre interested. The map is coming closer and closer to completion, so it might be out by next week if im lucky.

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For only 19, you have alot of great environments!

The webpage needs alot of work though, for example every page reloads the same images again. It would be easier to make frames or iframes and just load the page you needed underneath the newspaper image. Also, the images flicker when loading the next page with the same images. So using a iframe would prevent this from happening.

The newspaper image is very blurry, and it doesn't really seem to serve a purpose. the button layout alone the top works well, but as mentioned before, its going to be very busy when you create more levels.

The contact page is take off your AIM name, unless u want spammers to use it. If someone is interested in you, they use email :)

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