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Nothing works with gmax files?


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First of gmax can not render, but that does not bother me much as I just want to use it for games developing. It sucked quite much though when I realized that it is impossible to export to Source from it and any other normal formats.

So I have installed 3ds max now as I know it can export to Source. But when I tried to open or import my gmax models it would not allow me! Is it really true that these 2 so similar programs from the same firm can not work together?! If yes, is there any workaround? I badly want the models I made in gmax over in 3ds max so I can export them.

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According to google :

I'm pretty sure gmax can import 3ds files, but I'm not sure it can import .max files of any version. As for export, right now the only way to get a gmax file into 3dsmax is to export to a game model (quake .mdl if I recall correctly), and then convert that file to a .3ds file and import into 3dsmax.

That was from a forum post from 2004, so unless they've made some changes since, then this is your solution.

So good luck with that :)

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Ok I have researched some further on the subject now. Gmax does not have built in .mdl export for any game, so exporting to a Quake model is not possible.

I have also found out that all attempts on making a Source exporter for Gmax would be illegal and so would all attempts to do it through other formats.

It seems like my gmax modelling have been mainly a waste of time:/

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gmax is dead, it will no longer be available within a few months as they will no longer support it/give out cd keys. gmax is running on an old 3dsmax r4 engine, it did not do as well as they hoped it would as no game developers could cough up the money to get the ability to use it for their games for the community. there are a few plugins for gmax however, look around the net for them and you could find the answers you seek.

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i used to work with Gmax since my comp couldnt handle full 3ds max, before it morphed into this ubercomp :P

I was exporting my models in .MD3 format then rexporting with Milkshape in .smd andthen compiling. Yes was long and sucky, but I made great things :)

so if you really want to get your models back from Gmax, get the MD3 exporter and Milkshape, then just rexport in .3ds.

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