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yeah, i get the whole thing he was going for. it was as well made movie, but i don't think mass audiences will appreciate as much, though that doesn't really matter all that much. i think that a lot of what he's trying to say is going to get lost on a lot of people which is really a shame.

for one, i think he clearly illustrated just how pointless the gulf war was to a lot of those soldiers, and how devestating it was in its own way.

the sad thing is many people are going to say "that's it?" after seeing it and feel like it's a let down. the main problem is that the movie doesn't really "accomplish" anything in a traditional sense. you don't feel like it has a great structure, so the typical movie goer would feel kind of flat.

that said, i think it is a very important movie and sam is cleary a brilliant filmmaker, just this movie won't do it for the majority of the masses.

hooray for doing your own thing!

(American Beauty was better!)

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