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It's very rarely that a non-shit videogame review programme appears on British TV. Amongst the mainstream-targetted bollocks, Consolevania - a previously internet-only amateur games show - has been going for a good two serieses.

Recently, the BBC decided to let Consolevania have a ten minute slot on BBC Scotland. Despite being very short, it's still an appropriately entertaining piece of work and the reviews are generally very bluntly honest. Consolevania is famous for its humour, violence, racism, swearing, pedophilia, Hitler and serial killers. It's been toned down slightly for the BBC, but it's still pretty gr8 and definitely worth 10 minutes of your time.





I found a http mirror of the first episode which aired the other night. If you live in the UK, try to watch it on Thursday nights at midnight so that it can be extended to a longer slot! Maybe videogame tv can be salvaged from its current state of disrepair. Maybe.

http://broken-monkey.org/rllmuk/Video.G ... 1-2005.avi

Mirror will probably die at any moment so get it while it's hot.

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They were WAY too harsh on Call of Cthulhu, and I'm amazed that they preferred generic action horror The Suffering to what I found one of the more refreshing games of the year. Each to their own I guess and Call of Cthulhu has been getting some extremely mixed reviews - 8/10+ way down to 4/10, and god knows what VideoGaiden would have given it!

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