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Incredible news from the gaming front


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It's every indipendend game studios dream, financial security and creative control and extremely talented people just in the reach of hand.

Elevation Partners (ventura capital firm that tried to buy Eidos) has made an alliance with Pandemic Studios and Bioware to form a new super-studio, Elevation, Pandemic and Bioware invested a whopping $300million on this alliance including future funding. The new operation will be under the name Bioware/Pandemic Studios with former EA CEO John Riccitiello as it's CEO.

Incredible news, incredible, I just can't be happier for Bioware/Pandemic Studios, two companies that have done nothing but awesome games and now they are just about the most powerful studio in the world. I'm excited to see how everything will turn out, and what is going to change.

I bet the same feelings are going through the 400 employees of this combined giant.

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Well, I wouldn't say that Bono backstabbed you or Eidos, you just had bad luck that SCi had some drugmoney just lying around so they could outbid Elevation Partners.

But maybe this is the new business model we have been waiting for? Large entertainement entities form strategic alliances with game/movie developers to unify the two entertainment forms kinda like Peter Jackson is doing with his King Kong remake movie and game.

Hey atleast you can dream.

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Hmm.. interesting indeed.. I never would have thought that Bioware would team up with anyone (as they are a pretty stable, solid independent developer).

Should prove interesting to see what comes out of all of this.

I guess this is a continuing trend in line with companies that are either merging, partnering up or being downright bought out due to hostile takeovers.. Its the trend to beat right now.

In either case, best of luck to both Bioware and Pandemic. Both are good companies that can deliver good content.

Just my 2 cents (keep the change) :)



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