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Be aware of what you listen to


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It has come to attenttion that record company Sony BMG uses a copyprotection software that has some shady things going on.

When you put your music cd in to your computer and try to play it, the cd asks you to accept a license and it will install a "player" which in truth is actually a malware program or "rootkit." The program tries to hide itself from the user and from possible security software.

Removing the software without Sony's help will in many cases have conflicts with your operating system and/or hardware.

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Well, Sony has made some strange choises in the past so this isn't anything new that they are trying to separate themselfs from the crowd. And with 21,5% share of the whole music industry sales covers their ass pretty good.

When it comes to big companies, it's not a question if something is legal or not, it's just a question of are they doing it or not.

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