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Map pimpage nightmare


Make the sticky forumlist with mapcore account NOW Friechamp, Algor and Lee3Dee!!!  

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  1. 1. Make the sticky forumlist with mapcore account NOW Friechamp, Algor and Lee3Dee!!!

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Every time i release a map (which is dozens of times a decade), i have to pimp it in the most insane ways to get it spread. But the most horrible part is registering on dozens of forums and posting there, to find out months later that i forgot dozens of other forums.

So i had an idea to make it a lil easier for me to pimp my next map , and for all other mapcorians who have a map to pimp.

We write a list of forums for Source (and any other games ppl here are editing for), and for each forum have an account called Mapcore.net with a single password for all the accounts.

Then, to spread the map unlike any map has been spread before, all u have to do is go thru the list, log in to each forum with the account, and be done in 5 mins! Ofcourse the pw to the account will only be known to mapcorians, so nobody else will abuse it.

Besides it being easy to pimp, mapcore will get some namefame and after a few quality map releases from the mapcore account, evrybody will instantly download any map posted by it. Artists from all over the world will beg us for the pw, which they wont get, but they can submit their jewels for us to judge. The pimping machine will be unstoppable and all of our maps will be played by lots of peeps!! (if u vote yes on the poll).

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Well, all it takes is someone to take up the task and go around and make accounts.

I'd recommend that there are few guys who manage the accounts and the mappers who want to pimp their maps post their work in some thread and the ones who manage the accounts post them to the forums, thisway we could pass the security issues and manage some workflow.

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We gotta have a single password and username for all accounts. Im not sure if u can create and account using a . (a dot) on all forums. But we shouldnt start making accounts yet, cuz these ppl will get the PW and first we need to decide who these ppl will be. The way i thought it up was:

-Its only for finished maps, not WIPS, and only quality stuff.

-1 moderator (MAZY) makes sticky thread on mapcore Finished Work Gallery forum, using a NEW account called Mapcore.net with the PW. Dont worry mazy all u have to do is create the sticky :wink:

-4 other ppl (longtime members who rnt too lazy) get this PW from the moderator and start making the accounts on other forums (with same PW and username). Then they update the forumlist in the sticky over time(not by replying, but logging in as mapcore.net and editing the sticky).

-Nobody gives out the PW. Only the 5 longtime members decide who gets the PW or not.

-Mapcorians who release a map and we know for sure we can trust, get the PW from one of the 5 and can start pimping their own map on forums. They can put their names in the sticky thread if they want others to contact em for pimping requests. And they can update the forumlist in the sticky if they create new accounts. They should never give out the PW.

-Mapcorians and other ppl who dont get the PW and want to release a map can just contact any of the names in the sticky thread on IRC and ask if they have time to pimp (should be pretty fast work if the author of the map makes the text and image codes etc).

So i guess there will be around 10-15 ppl with a PW. Sounds a bit unsafe but these will be ppl that have been here for years.

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Good idea, I have even some better ones :)

This account thing works great manually too, but what if you can do it via php script? :) You just need to write single text and press the button, it automatically adds new thread to every forum we specified for the script?

It's possible. Just let me know if you need such a thing.

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That wuld be awesome sdkr, if u could make it work :oops: DO IT NOW!!

And mino, this is only gonna go to mapping forums etc. Its not like unwanted spam. What dont u like about it? Its just like normal pimping except u can do it faster and on alot more places, and only for quality mapcore maps :)

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