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Quake 4 sky environment - Quake II style


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I edited the default Q4 skybox to look like the Quake II style environment. I didn't need to really change any of the actual painting because it's perfect Q2 style architecture, but I had to fiddle about with everything else.


Full Image


Full Image

Note: Each piece is 1024x1024, photobucket has just resized the collages because they're too big, but you can see everything anyway. It's also not nearly as blurred as it looks above.

3 hours work-time for the both of them :)

[edi] Damn just noticed some niggles, I'll work on these again soon.

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The problem with using that in normal Quake 4 is that the lighting is a lot brighter than that of Quake II so it'll look wierd. I'll mess with an in-game shot sometime, do I just drop the tga directory into a custom .pk4 file? I've not messed around with anything to do with the Doom 3 engine yet...

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