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Ok so I've worked on this map for some time now and here I am posting pictures of it.



Stuff worth noting :

This is a fast compile, I haven't even finished skyboxing the map. Hopefully the shadows and lighting will come out a bit better in the public version. Once the DoD:S SDK is released, I'll compile it with HDR lighting.

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featured artist material :) the first picture is absolutely stunning, and easily one of the most visualy appealing levels I've seen come out of source. Congrats :) I hope it plays well. Otherwise what everyone else says, decals. Maybe on the broken bits on the roofs mergethat with some props so the wood destruction feels less flat?

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Insta, there seems to be a workaround to get HDR in custom maps already:

http://www.dayofdefeat.com/forums/showt ... adid=57458

Gonna try it with my oooooold Bounce remake :/

On topic: Woot, looks good! I think this map is defently going into the map-pool on BFE, should be a blast :>


Oh snap! Didn't think of the materials in DoD:Source have a channel for HDR, while the HL2 ones only have RGBA :<

Guess this only works with DoD:Source-material so far...

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Will look awesome with HDR me thinks, particularly that first shot :) The cheap water somewhat detracts from the scene there, but there is little to fault otherwise. I'm inclined to agree that the wrecked sections of walls look a little too clean and could use some dirtying up with overlays or something. All in all great job though, looking forward to some new DoD:S maps to play!

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