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I wasn't sure where else to post this but since most of you guys come to off topic I figured here was the best place...

A big shitty day all around.

I talked to Zaphod for a while today about his decision to go back to college and we both kinda came to the decision that mapcore has been on the decline for the past few months... pretty steadily...

Normally this wouldn't bother me and I wouldn't make any decisions based upon the popularity of the channel... There is a problem however. Right now because of the bandwidth needed to run these forums it's running me 100 dollars a month. Since I took over I've spent well over a thousand dollars on the site and the forums where not much content has actually surfaced. I don't really know what other decision to make.

If you guys have any ideas on how to not only increase mapcore's awareness but at the same time get money to run the site please feel free to email me or post it here. Spelled out this means within the week I will be shutting down the site.

best wishes


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