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Need a bit of advice


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I'm making some textures for nightfall (http://www.nightfallmod.net) i started with a floor, but it doesn't seem right and i wanted some opinions/advice on it. Here are some images:

here is the color map


the bumpmap


and a ingame screenshot


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Seems to repeat a lot, you can either make the texture larger so there is a greater variation in the tiles themselves, or add decals to differenciate it a bit. Otherwise, it looks fine to me. It really depends on the lighting as well, it would be nice to see it slotted into a map that has models, etc.

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well actually i made them that tick on porpuse, since it is for the entrance of a sewer system i wanted it to have a more sloppy look, altough that doesn't quite fit with having them all aligned. I wanted basically wath you said "stones placed on concrete" but i'm going to try do wath you sugested. Thanks :)

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