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Whats wrong with my textures?


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I created these two textures;



with the wall vtm as



    "$basetexture" "cvc2/kl_castleWall_skjalg"

    "$bumpmap" "cvc2/kl_castleWall_skjalg_normal" 

    "$surfaceprop" "rock"

and the floor as a blend


"$BaseTexture" "cvc2/kl_castleWall_skjalg"

"$BaseTexture2" "cvc2/kl_grass_skjalg"

"$surfaceprop" "rock"

"$surfaceprop2" "grass"

"$bumpmap" "cvc2/kl_castleWall_skjalg_normal"

"$bumpbasetexture2withbumpmap" "cvc2/kl_grass_skjalg_normal"


ingame, i end up with


Usually i try to figure these things out myself, but im just too tired of dealing with textures right now :) As you might be able to see from the textures, these are my very first two... atleast for hl2, i guess you could comment on those too, if you'd like...

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Try it without the normal maps and see what happens. Also, your first $surfaceprop is set to a texturename rather than a surface property like "stone" or whatever the proper choice is.

Done, on both accounts... The textures worked fine without the normal map

Hmm I got that a long time ago, I think I just re-saved the TGA for the bump, and then recompiled the texture.

Tried that, didnt work :(

that usually happens when the file can't find the bumpmap . maybe your missing somthign or misspelling it?

More likely, yes.. but i havent mispelled anything.. So I've probably missed something :???:

I've been struggling with this for hours now, could anyone of you be so kind as to try this yourself :) download the .jpg's and make the textures with the vtex using the normal map...

Would really appreciate any help^^

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yes well, this is kinda embarrasing... I guess this is what happens when you dont completely understand something^^

I thought that when i compiled the .tga to vtf by dragging the vmt ontop of vtex.exe it compiled both the *.tga and *_normal.tga together into one vtf.. Obviously i thought wrong, becase as all of you probably know (that i didnt) is that its actually the vmt's that are sorta like reference files for the editor and engine. And in that file, its referring to the .vtf's...

So basicly, all i had to do was to compile the *_normal.tga files...


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okay, sorry about the wrong forum section... cant be that important :P

Anyways, now that ive finally made it work, i want it too look even better, so i started to redo it, but it still looks too shiny.. so i started reading up on the specular maps and that sorta thing...

Ive googled for some solution and a howto, and the best i could find was a bunch of posts on hl2world... Now, ive figured out how to make one, and that i have to save it in the alpha channel of the normal map...

Now heres my proble, when i try to do "save as.." in photoshop, it wont allow me to save my image as a targa with the alpha channel... why's this?


Heres something to show what i mean;


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Actually you do want to have the specualr in the normal map alpha. And judging from the screen there your specular will be extremly glossy.

Instead try to keep it very, very dark almost black and with high contrast for glossier parts.

And yes just save it as 32bit TGA and you'll get your alpha in there :)

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