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Hi guys,

Daivy asked me to give feedback on the level so here we go :)

Wow its been a while

Having worked on gunman so it's always fun to see how you guys push the textures and themes to create something truly unique out of it.

Now - I definitely like how you interpreted the visual style from Gunman for the level. Good choice of textures and trims and the greel lighting definitely gives it a cool look. I do agree on the lighting needing quite a bit of work. Contrasting between dark corners, the green lightsources and some generic lights could be very cool.

The architecture in the big rooms is good but the corridor lacks a bit in diversity and options. Maybe a cross section or some acess tunnels? Some cracks or vents popping open? Just giving a bit more space could also help. If you have rooms above each other maybe some windows on the floor or bottom?

The big rooms look cool but Im not sure how much play you're getting out of it - I guess there are elevators.

Maybe adding some aging to the rooms would also give them more characters, some desctruction maybe or signs of conflict?

Overall I think its a very good base and I like how you paid attention to lining up all textures ( especially the trims) etc properly. that always helps alot of define the look and feel of a map, makes it feel more solid. And I know in the old editor keeping that stright can sometimes be quite a pain.

Anyway - I like it. Keep it up :) Im amazed people still make levels for it. (Cool!)

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Rise from the grave ! :-D

Man, even if it was almost one year ago, i'm still suprised to see a gunman chronicles map :shock: .

To me, the brushwork and the textures are really cool, but the lighting totally fuck it up, you need some shadows some contrasts, various tons of color to give it a bit more life.

But anyway, i'm sure you are not working on it anymore, so nevermind :-D

Et ca fait un troisième francais sur mapcore, je suis impressionné :D

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