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Violence in video games - bummed in the gob.


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Those unfamiliar with the Scottish amateur video games show Consolevania have been fairly confused by my recent plentiful use of the term 'bummed in the gob' in IRC and such. To dispell any further speculation and/or confusion about what it means, here's a three minute video which shows the term coming to the masses on the national news (much to the news producer's surprise, I'm sure!).


To sum it up, I'll paste the text shown at the beginning of the video:

Someone wins a prize if they say 'Bummed in the Gob' on TV and we can clearly hear and see them. Consolevania loves prizes!

Download it. Embrace the term. Use it in real life. Spread its magnificence.

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Great news! Consolevania is to reach actual television around the beginning of November, after previously existing as a cult type of programme enjoyed by word of mouth only since its inception. It'll be on BBC Scotland, which is seriously fucking cool considering that it's the BBC. Non-Scottish BBCers can still tune in if they have Sky thanks to its array of regionalized versions of the BBC.

So, perhaps the phrase 'bummed in the gob' will be making more than just one, snuck-in appearance! I just hope that they don't cull out too much of the testicles, nazism and swearing. If anyone hasn't watched it before, I recommend trying to get hold of some, like the latest episode (medium quality as high is torrent-only).


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Yes they do. ;

The funny is that he managed to get that onto the national news in the middle of the day/evening without them even noticing in the name of a competition. The fact that he even got onto the news is one thing, nevermind actually going ahead and saying that during the middle of a totally serious news story. Take that, British censorship.

But the real funnies are in the latest episode I linked to above. Featuring a Leisure Suit Larry review, Pimp My Console hosted by Adolf Hitler, a total mmorpg slating and more. Highly recommended before the mirror goes offline.

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