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Gearbox Software Is Mackin'

Posted by mikezilla on 17.06. at 16:48

From tha Gearbox webpage :

Gearbox Software has established itself as one of tha major playa in action gizzle develizzles wit games like Cracka in Arms motha fucka: Road ta Hill 30, Halo PC n Counta Strike: Condition Zero. But this is only tha cruisin' cuz I'm fresh out the pen! Gearbox is pimpin' on its success wit ridin' new next-gen console n PC titles; n employees share in this success through an blunt-rollin' royalty bonus program . They call me tha black folks president. Gearbox makes its hizzle near Dallas, Texas, a thriv'n city wit an active game develizzles community n low cost of dippin' wit da big Bo$$ Dogg. If you're interested in work'n fo` a successful, independently-owned company develop'n incredible next-generizzle games, check out tha job perpetratin' below.

High-Poly Model'n Lead

High-Poly Baller

High Resolizzle Texture Artist

All applicants miznust:

- Have a high schoo` degree n be at least 18 years of age

- Be a US citizen or Permanent Resident of tha United States

- Be ho-slappin' ta relocate ta Dallas, Texas

Review tha job descriptions n if you think you would fit one of these positions, email yo resume ta us at gamejobs@gearboxsoftwizzle wit tha job title in tha subject heezeeer. Pleaze include a link ta an online portfolio, or mail samples of yo wizzork to , betta check yo self:

Gearbox Software - Human Resources

101 E Pizzy Blvd Suite 1069

Plano TX, 75074

Good luck! We hope ta hizzle friznom you soon!

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