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Favourite Half-Life Single-player MOD?

Favourite HL-SP MOD  

31 members have voted

  1. 1. Favourite HL-SP MOD

    • Heart Of Evil
    • Poke 646
    • They Hunger
    • Other (Please post details)

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Like I said, bad memory, mods need to edit the poll now as I can't :(


Case Closed - Shit

Chemical Existence - Shit

ETC - Classic

USS Darkstar - Great

Point of view - Loved this one

Todesangst 1 + 2 - Shit


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I played that mod, but it didn't really work for me.

On that list, its Poke646, not doubt about it.

But I liked DaveJs ETC series due the classic Black Mesa flashbacks (cause I played it waaay after I finished HL)..

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Ah, yes, I liked POV. Better than Azure Sheep.

I liked Poke646 too. They Hunger was awfull, Case Closed wasn't too good either. Besides those, I've played quite some mods, most being between rubbish and mediocre. Can't remember a lot anymore though.

What I really wanted to play was DarkTruth, and now Nightwatch. I still concider those as what was to be the top notch of HL mods.

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Poke646 is the best quality singleplayer mod I've played for HL1. ETC was pretty fun, but the visuals weren't that hot. I didn't get to play through ETC2 because of a scripting-bug, but from what I saw it was much better than the first.

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