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They Hunger: Source?


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Aha ;-v

Well, I thaught Black Widow Games was like a MODteam but I do believe TH and USS-DK were made for PC-Gamer (hence the subtle PC-Gamer adverts in the MODS).


Dude, pls dl and play TH1+2, then come back and post again!

And I don't know what medicore is, but don't you mean mediocre?


I agree with Curman. :) Why exactly do you think TH is overrated?

~ tomato

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Why does every medicore (what does that mean anyway?) mod post about that they have talked to Valve? Valve have talked to like 70% of all the Source mods, its not that special anymore. And they haven't even started the mod (Source version) as far as I read.

And no, I haven't played They Hunger, USS whatever or Underworld Bloodlines.

If you had you wouldn't be calling it mediocre. Which means average, by the way.

This is an ANCIENT quote though. You've positively exhumed it. So don't expect TH:S anytime soon.

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I agree with Curman. :) Why exactly do you think TH is overrated?

Mainly the models and skins to be honest, which consisted of some appalling photo work and hacked up TFC model bases, the voice acting could be pretty arse at times too and there were times when you didn't know what you were doing which is something that annoys me in design...

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