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They Hunger: Source?


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Oh boy...

Got the following from the Black Widow games newsboard:

The "They Hunger: Source" idea is back from the grave. Valve has been in contact with us and they support the idea of TH:S. This was an important first step towards making this a viable project, but we still have to work out many other factors. We will keep you informed of any significant developments.

This might mean we ill get the THEY HUNGER sweetness on source too!

This rocks so much... :)

Any more TH fanboys on teh boards? :)


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Why does every medicore (what does that mean anyway?) mod post about that they have talked to Valve? Valve have talked to like 70% of all the Source mods, its not that special anymore. And they haven't even started the mod (Source version) as far as I read.

And no, I haven't played They Hunger, USS whatever or Underworld Bloodlines.

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