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WIP hand-painted skin texture.


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Yeah, I know it's blurry but it's still in the early stages of production. As for "outlining" the lips, I don't quite understand what you're trying to say. If you're talking about that thin highlighted line underneath his bottom lip, then I don't really know what to tell ya, I was goin off of the negro civi head skin for reference.

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You want to emphasize a *protrusion* of the lower lip. Now in the screencap it looks like it's receding which is totally wrong. You need a thin shadow underneath the lip and a light highlight at its lower edge.

If that is exactly what the HL2 model skin looks like, I guess it's possible that they modified the color map to account for some weirdness that the smoothing or normal map was creating or something but that seems unlikely. If you're going to do something as wrong as that it needs to be very deliberate and intentional. If you're just mimicking something else you need to understand why they did it that way.

Just try it the other way and see how it looks.

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