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It rocks. I even got my first informative on the Shack for my thoughts on it. :)http://www.shacknews.com/ja.zz?comments=38989

Basically, Peter Jackson gets involved in Kong game. He liked Beyond Good and Evil. He hand-picks Michel Ancel & co. to do the game, along with Ubi Montreal. Game is mix of first-person mayhem (as the human) and third person beat-em-up (as Kong). A movie tie-in well worth your time.

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I was playing it earlier, it was pretty cool, there's nothing like beating the shit out of dinosaurs, but it was kind of boring. It was very linear, you had to go through the door, to the end, jump, swing etc, there was only one way and there was nooo leeway, nor much ability to go wrong. there is a large lack in stuff you can do, it seems like you just walk up to crap and beat the shit out of it, which gets boring. the first person part was sort of dumb too, i get a gun and my mission? run in circles while being chased by a 3 story dinosaur so two guys can open a door. it was just meh, the graphics were cool, mainly because of the after effects, but the gameplay didn't really impress me much, not to mention that te installer is fucked up, both of the ones i downloaded were iffy. and on top of even that, when i did the first person part i kept drifting my aim to the right constantly for no reason.

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