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Long shot perhaps..


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Does anyone here have a computer as low as mine?

AMD Athlon 1.4ghz


GF4 TI 4200]


I'm going to be thinking of getting a new motherboard, more ram, graphics card, cpu etc etc sometime, probably after Christmas. I just wondered if anyone has a machine similar to my current system, because I want to be able to play COD2, Quake IV and a few other games before I upgrade and I'd like to know if anyone will try the same as me and if they will have any luck..

Hope that makes sense, I'm kinda tired...

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to play those games you're probably gonna need a complete overhaul, AKA

a new computer...motherboards arent nearmy as important as ram/cpu/

vid card but you need a decent one.

I'm not getting a new computer when I can just replace the motherboard...

Anyone have some recommendations for parts?

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I had almost the same computer you have 3 months ago (1.5 Ghz athlon, 512ddram, 40 gb hdd). I bought 6600gt in summer and 120gb HDD a month ago and everything works fine.

I had 32mb TNT2 before and i couldn't even play vice city with decent fps. Now I can play DoD source with resolution 1280x1024, full HDR and everything is set to highest expect AA that is disabled. COD2 and Aoe3 also run good.

If you have tight budget I'd suggest getting new video card, if you have money go and build yourself a killer comp. 8)

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Yeah but I mean all I have to do is replace the motherboard and fit a new cpu, extra ram blah blah. My plan is just to change the motherboard to fit a 3.6ghz compatibility one (my current only goes upto 1.8ghz) and then slot all the old stuff plus the new into place, I've already got a parts list for the new computer.

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