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DESIGNER (Level) position in SoCal

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High profile Southern California game development studio is searching for the best and brightest game developers to share there vision of creating a new world of entertainment through the power of technology, imagination and innovation. Creating quality games requires top production values in all aspects of a game, from design, technology and art to professional music, voice acting, and high performance multi-player action. This developer is dedicated to equipping its team with the best options possible, by providing excellent salaries, bonuses, full benefits and relocation assistance if necessary.

Genres: Unannounced First person Shooter

Platform: Next Generation Console



• 3+ years game industry or related design experience

• PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE REQUIRED, prefer at least one commercial title shipped.

• Experience with level editing tools (Quake, Unreal, etc.) is required

• Experience in other 3D modeling programs (3DSMax, Maya) a plus

• Must be able to develop architecture from photo reference, and texture map detailed environments

• Should be able to design and develop game-play for both single and multiplayer

If you are interested in this position, please submit your resume in Word format to:

Candace Walker


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Children, this is not EOT, so cut out the inane shit talking. These are valid job opportunities. The reason people post here is because over the last few years Mapcore has built up a reputation of churning out high quality developers. Stop tearing that down. Go back to EOT and post away until your heart is content.

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