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Laptop troubles D:


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Hay, I own a 15" Powerbook, I bought it this August for school work and such. Recently I been noticing awkward sounds when I turn on the laptop from either standby or being shut off, it sounds like a crackaclking and a surge of electricit. Now my monitor is dimmed completely as if in a power-saving mode, and I can barely see anything on it. The monitor is pitch black unless I have lights on to see what I am typing, etc. The backlight on my keyboard works though.

I restarted, looked in preferences and such and found nothing changed. I left it off for a good day and a half and when I started it back up, the lights flickered normally then back to darkness.

Any advice? Did I burn out my monitor or something? D:

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Yeah that would be the sane thing to do.

I mean you bought it in August so you still have the guaranty right?

The sad thing i guess is that they probably want to fix it and ship it away to do so leaving you without any.

Or you could try to convince them that your work is really really importent so they loan you one in the mean time, couse if they ship it, it could take weeks or even months before you see it again.

In any how gl.


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