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NIN at Hollywood Bowl...BEST. CONCERT. EVARRR..


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Last night my cousin and I went to the Hollywood Bowl to see Nine Inch Nails. By far this was the best live entertainment I've ever been do. I've never seen NIN in concert before, and this was a real treat.

You could feel the buzz in the air. The set design was pretty amazing. They opened with this screen in front of the stage that was see-through and backlit so you could see the band's outlines from the lighting. Then it came up and I was just blown away.

They played most of With Teeth, but threw in a lot from past albums. Just about every song kicked ass...and people were grooving, dancing, singing along. Seeing NIN in concert was pure joy. Highights of the songs the played:

Opened with Pinion from Broken

(and the following is not really in order and I am certainly missing some):

You Know What You are / With Teeth

The Hand that Feeds / With Teeth

Only / With Teeth

Reptile / Downward Spiral

Hurt / Downward Spiral

Head Like a Hole / Pretty Hate Machine

Beside You in Time / With Teeth

Closer / Downward Spiral

Terrible Lie / Pretty Hate Machine

March of the Pigs / Downward Spiral

Eraser / Downward Spiral

Sin / Pretty Hate Machine

Only / With Teeth

Wish / Broken

There were more songs...it was just a blur and I had so much fun I'm still thinking about it.

One thing I must say is that while any NIN fan knows Trent Reznor has some very deep, interesting thoughts about relationships, culture etc...I'm finding that I hear each song on multiple levels. If you listen from a perspective about relationships and women you hear one thing. If you from a perspective of culture, capitalism, corporate America (like me) you hear some other things. Seeing him perform live gave me new energy about his music and how far reaching his ideas stretch. He has never publicly discussed politics or anything, but I interpret him as someone who is deeply pained and saddened by the state of the world and wants to do something about it, but doesn't neccessarily know what to do. I think a lot of people identify with that and find self expression through his music.

Kinda rambling, but I'm really glad I went to the show (not I had ever inteded not to once I bought the tix).

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i love how people have made up all these cool words to call other people whose musical tastes they dont agree with. gj minos........

and yeah. it's actually good music. if its your thing that is.

plz klein, I was kidding. I know lifehouse aint emo. And if it was, whats the problem.

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