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LCD Monitor Question


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Okay gang, I need a bit of advice on some new hardware. I finally bit the bullet and upgraded my rig today (now that a paycheck I had forgotten about cleared). So Mike and I headed down to Fry's to buy some RAM and a new video card. My Geforce MX 420 just wasn't going to cut it anymore. So now I'm the happy owner of a Raedeon X800 XL. The problem is that my monitor is leterally 8 years old. I've kept it around because it's 19 inches, but it's age is showing and it's getting a bit too blurry. So I'm in the market for a new LCD monitor. So if you have one you're happy with or know of one at a good price, post away. My price range is $200-300, but I'm willing to go a bit higher if the quality leap is worth it. 17-19 inches would be the range I'm looking for. I'm not sure about whether a DVI is important to me or not. If you can make the case, feel free to.

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over the years i've had (still have) three samsung TFT displays. they've always treated me exceedingly well; no dead pixels, bright, sharp, true color, totally reliable.

i know people who have bought cheap barebones TFT displays and they have invariably had some problem or other; dead pixels, poor connectors, flickering displays etc.

just my experience.

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I think i have one of those barebones (its my friends really but i have used it a lot) and it has never been any problem with it.

It says its an Orion 1770A and i tried to find out some info about it but it was hard to find any site in english, or rather i didn't.

But it is a Orion 1770A 17" LCD monitor, Samsung panel with speakers, SXGA 1280x1027, contrast 350:1, 16,7 million colors 16MS.

I don't know what 16MS stands for.

The price is in norwegian money but i converted it so it is around 354.104 USD.

If that includes VAT or not i dont know.


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Just got a Dell 2005FPW (20.1 inch wide screen) flatpanel and it is sweet! A little expensive, but sweet none the less.

Also have a Readeon X800 XL and am using DVI.. DVI is a digital output (as opposed to the now older analog...The quality is better and faster.. so I would really suggest DVI for sure).



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arr, I be doing a monitor eval for work as it happens. Samsungs looking very good at the moment, low response times, good brightness/contrast etc If it were my money, thats what I'd be going for. Have heard very good things about Benqs as well and a mate got a lovely Sony trueblack thing (super pricey though).

Just don't go with some unbranded piece o' crap, they invariably use the cast off rubbishy panels to make them.

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I got a 17" NEC from Compusa... and then remembers exactly how much I hated working there. I'm happy so far. Now I'm just debating whether I should go get the DVI cable or not.

I certainly noticed the difference when I went from VGA to DVI. The cable is so cheap anyhow, so you may as well.

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