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Congratulations Insurgency people!


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You made the good pages of PCGamer UK, with a tip for the big one, but hey you probably already knew that. I haven't commented much on the mod before but I have to say everything is looking fantastic and certainly can give BF2 a run for it's money, so great work!

For anyone who hasn't seen the article, I've taken the liberty of typing it all out here:

A daring recreation of modern warefare Insurgency aims to do for modern conflicts what the Red Orchestra mod did for the Eastern Front in WWII. We're going to fight online in war-torn regions of Croatia and Iraq, visit Dubrovnik and Baghdad on a tourist excursion of violence, catastrophe, and really big explosions.

Forget BF2's daft purist pursuit of fun. Insurgency is a gritty, dangerous, and slow paced recreation of infantry combat. This is about walking the mean streets, getting sand in your eyes, and a bullet to the chops. Fighting as either Insurgents or the US marines, you play attack-vs-defence in bombed out alleys. One team assaults an objective, be it an important crossroads, a supply point or a really, really important building, the other side defends it.

With no crosshairs on screen, you're forced to duck behind cover and use the iron sights on top of your rifle. Those killed are resurrected in waves of reinforcements - with the attackers returned to the fight more quickly to make up for their natural disadvantage. When you go down, you can't just call for a nearby nurse. Instead, the team are working on a grisly simulation of bullet wounds.

Claret is spilt depending on the hit location and force of impact. Players will be able to patch up cuts and grazes by themselves with a field dressing, but big old holes in the chest require serious work from a medic to stop the bleeding. That's if the medic gets enough time; occasionally wounds are so catastrophic as to be instantly fatal. The medic's job becomes high priority: they keep their buddies in the fight, while ensuring the other team members don't have to worry about dragging fallen comrades to safety.

This sense of camaraderie is reinforced by an extensive command chain. Each player is assigned to squad of eight, itself split into two fire-teams of four. The fire-teams each elect their own leader: a corporal, who then reports to the overall squad leader (the sergeant). At the top of a food chain is the platoon commander. Orders and requests filter up and down the command line.

Rather than water-down their infantry experience with a menagerie of steel wheely-beasts, the Insurgency team have added computer-controlled vehicles. Players can't control or drive these tanks and humvees, but they will be able to shoot them; order them around; ride in them, or be run over by them. Interfaction tends to hurt.

The team have a fine track-record: between them they've already knocked out a range of Call Of Duty and Half-Life mods. That's why we're betting on Insurgency being the first real breakout hit of the Half-life 2 scene.

Hope you lot appreciate this...

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