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Lead Level Designer position open


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You may remember the post about Birthstar needing animators, but now that we've filled up that department with three professional-level guys, we need to fill in a new position.

Basically, this person would need to be able to report back to the team constantly on the department's progress, and design parts of the city as well. Good communication skills are needed, a steady work ethic, and some solid previous work.

If this appeals to you, please reply to this post, or contact me at rdaly@birthstar-game.com, aim: icedale1, msn: rtd23@drexel.edu

Here's some concept art, the style you'll be working off of.




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That's interesting that you thought that it was like Akira. It does kind of resemble that architecture, but I guess mainly because it's a futuristic city that got owned, hehe, :D

Nexus I love your work, that NS map makes it look like Goldsource IS Source, lol.

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