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So I've been kicking around awhile (too long) since my last stint as a level designer, waiting for a good opportunity and fortunate circumstance in the bay area where I live... and now I've got a job offer from Factor 5 up in San Rafael. I'll be working on Lairfor PS3.

My impression from my visits up there is that this is a really awesome place to work. I've seen the stuff they're working on and it is shit-hot. I'm so excited :D

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Thanks dudes :)

Cool stuff gins. Didnt know you you had left namco... was it a temporary job only ?

Well what happened was namco canned the project and laid off most of their dev staff, a couple dozen people. These things happen, it's one of the hard truths of working in the industry and y'all ought to be well aware if you're looking to do this stuff for a living.

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