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Some 3D stuff from a beginner :P


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Hello there guys, I've tried to make some things with Rhino3D and here are the results:

A lock, what is my lastest tryout.


A little scene with that lock.


A schoolchair.


And a crappy car, or something :D


This is kind of WIP, but I'm not intrested to do that anymore, I'll make a much better someday :)

Textures suck, I know

So, gimme a feedback of anykind. :)

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I think its cool that you try.

I have made some stuff my self, but i would never call my self an artist, i just do it to learn.

So i think we could at least some pointers and stuff to some one that tries.

Like what ferret said, get a better package.

Rheno might be easy but what do you learn in it?

Like counting polys and a lot of such stuff you will need when you get more advanced.

Just keep at it i think its good for some one that tries for the first time.


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Rhino isn't really designed for games modelling, so if thats what you are going for, I really suggest you move into another package. Easy to learn or not, there is little purpose in being wonderful with a tool nobody uses. Keep up the modelling though, pretty good efforts so far given you're using rhino.....*shudders*

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