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Sands of War 2 beta 1 done!


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The Sands of War team is proud to announce that the first public version of Sands of War 2 is done. It will be released Sunday the 25th at 2000 GMT.

We are currently spreading the file to the mirrors and looking for more mirrors. If you can host the file, then please contact us.

We are also going to be needing some servers after the release. If you can host a SoW2 server, then please do so as soon as possible after the release.

This is just the very first beta of SoW2. There is still much work to be done on the mod and we got quite a bunch of ideas for future releases. Do not expect a perfect game but rather a good base to build further releases on.

If you got any talent for game development(texturing, level design, coding, etc.) then do not hesitate to contact us!

Here are some screenshots of two of the maps in beta 1:

6517_1127651729.jpg 4226_1127651729.jpg

4480_1127651730.jpg 1173_1127651730.jpg 7352_1127651730.jpg

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I think of CS being the lowest grade and quality of gaming there is, it is actually a downgrade of games the modern technology can produce, so as long as SoW2 has something more than Sniper whores and constant leet talk, I'm pretty happy with it.

What a wisdom

And about as close to the truth there is, I was hoping that after about a decade of FPS games, I wouldn't have to play doom anymore. If you know what I mean.

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