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F.E.A.R Level Design Article


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To comply with this desire, the level designers decided on a more inclusive process by which they constructed primitive blocky gray levels or fragments of levels that focused on the basic desired game-play experience.

Am I the only one who thinks they never went from this step to the next step? Imo, the fear level design was good gameplay wise, but all the locations (at least in the fear demo) seemed to consist of box rooms/hallways with little to no detail.

Don't get me wrong. FEAR was fun to play and when you go back and look at a game like HL2, you notice that alot of the rooms are box rooms with little to no detail (mostly the rooms near the end of the game), but the plus of HL2 is I didnt notice this until I played it through the second time. With FEAR, I noticed it right off the bat and wasnt that impressed.

Still gonna buy the game, wanna play it, but just thought I'd express that thought. Tear it apart if you want, thats jut my opinion.

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Havent read the article, but the leveldesign in the fear demo wasnt very impressive to say the least.

As Section8 said, having maps that basically consist of nothing but corridors and very few rooms (with the occasionally outside courtyard area that still feels like youre inside) isnt my idea of impressive level design anymore.

Hope theres something alot more interesting in the full game

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It's amazing how the author(s) wrote so much, yet said so little. Seemed like a pretty generic article to me. But then again, I don't think I'm the IGN target audience anyway. :P

Exactly my thinking. I'm not speaking badly of the game (only played the demo, which was enjoyable enough), but their dev process on the levels was hardly breakthrough or worth shouting about. As you say though, this is an article on IGN, not Develop or Gamasutra or something.

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