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Nomoreroominhell Recruiting


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NMRiH - http://www.nomoreroominhell.com

NMRiH is currently looking for:

Mapper - 1 Position

Must possess a good working knowledge of the Valve Hammer Editor and be capable of creating fully detailed maps. All applicants must be willing to put in the necessary time and effort towards working on "No More Room in Hell" maps and with the team. Providing a portfolio of past mapping work which will help us with our decision. (screenshots, video file, or bsp)

Environment Level Designer - 1 Position

Same applys as above, but we are looking for an indivdual who can create detailed environments(land scapes) using terrian generator programs and/or the Hammer editor.


Must be able to create renders and be self-motivated. Must be able to work within a team and be willing put in the necessary time/effort to work progressively with mappers. All Half-Life 2 models must be constructed and rigged with either Softimage XSI, Discreet 3D Studio Max 6/7, or Alias Maya 4 (or higher). Must be able to build detailed meshes while still maintaining low polygon counts. Character modelers must be able to construct humanoid models while keeping animation (skeleton rigging) in mind.

Experience in UVW unwrapping, rigging, animating, and/or skinning are definite pluses. Providing a portfolio of past modeling work (i.e. renders) will help in the decision process, but be sure to point out whether textured model renders you provide are your own handiwork or someone else's.

Character Modeler - 1 position


Extensive experience with Softimage XSI, 3D Studio Max, or Maya

Ability to create normal maps

Ability to unwrap models

Ability to create human models


Ability to texture human skins (face/hands/clothing)

Ability to texture injuries/wounds (for zombie skins)

Vehicle Modeler/ Prop Modeler - 1 position


Extensive experience with Softimage XSI, 3D Studio Max, or Maya


Ability to unwrap models

Ability to texture models

Creating ragdolls

Creating .qc files

Texture Artist - 1 position

This position is open to skilled individuals in the art of texturing map surfaces

You will work along side the NMRiH mapping team and create orginal custom textures for our maps.


Extensive experience with graphics design (i.e. Photoshop)

Ability to create normal maps


Ability to create shaders and specular maps

A library of textures

If you are interested in joining the NMRiH Development Team and have the skills required above, please send your information to the following below:


NMRiH Project Manager

AIM: Coleman42886

MSN: Cs42886@comcast.net

E-Mail: Cs42886@comcast.net



NMRiH Level Designer Lead

AIM: Darkdsp

MSN: Darkdsd@hotmail.com

E-Mail: Darkdsd@hotmail.com

Thank you,

- Dark

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Continue your fighting somewhere else, will you guys?

Curman, why did you even bother posting in this thread? It's classifieds and you are obviously not interested in helping out on the mod team so there was no reason for you to make that pointless post.

and Dark, you are not making the best impression either. I wouldn't want to join a mod where people can't keep their attitude under control.

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